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Since 2006, Attorney Davorin J. Odrcic and Odrcic Law Group have represented immigrant clients from over 100 countries. Odrcic Law Group prides itself on helping immigrants from every corner of the globe. 

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Odrcic Law Group will never be the largest immigration law firm in Wisconsin. We are
intentionally small so we can provide personalized attention to our immigrant clients.

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The motto at Odrcic Law Group is “A Criminal Past Should Not Prevent An Immigration Future.” The immigration consequences of criminal convictions, including relatively minor misdemeanors, can be incredibly harsh. We believe that even immigrants who have made a mistake or exercised poor judgment should be given a chance to remain in the United States with their loved ones. We work with criminal defense attorneys to avoid deportation proceedings for our immigrant clients.

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We understand the stress and emotional turmoil of our clients as we manage their immigration challenges, including U.S. citizens who have an immigrant loved one who has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Our team works diligently, empathetically, and patiently to help our clients navigate a confusing and sometimes frustrating immigration system.

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Post-Conviction Relief

Immigration law is especially harsh to individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes.

Family-Based Immigration

A person may apply for permanent residence, or a green card, through a family member, such as a U.S. citizen spouse.

Federal Litigation

In some cases it may be beneficial or necessary to sue the government in federal court.

Humanitarian-Based Applications

A victim of a certain crime who cooperated with the police or prosecutor and suffered physical or emotional abuse.


A person who fears being harmed in the home country may seek asylum in the United States.


The final step for most immigrants is to become a U.S. citizen by filing a naturalization application.


Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

Yes. The firm only represents individuals with immigration matters, such as immigration court, filing applications and petitions, or pursuing post-conviction relief in Wisconsin state courts for immigrants with criminal convictions.

However, the firm does not represent employers or employees with employment-based immigration, and does not represent people with certain nonimmigrant visas, such as visitor visas, student visas, or religious visas.

Yes, but in certain cases, the firm will credit the initial consultation fee to overall legal fees if hired.

The firm cannot adequately evaluated a potential client’s case without gathering information, reviewing that person’s documents, and explaining in detail Attorney Odrcic’s opinion and recommendations.

An initial consultation is also the best way for people to ask questions in a confidential and safe setting, and to decide whether the firm and Attorney Odrcic is the right lawyer for them

In certain cases, yes. In other cases, the firm will only offer what is called an “hourly fee”, meaning that the client places money in the firm’s client trust account and is charged only for the time spent on a case.

Yes. While Attorney Odrcic is not fluent in Spanish, his legal assistants are fluent in Spanish. Clients are not charged for the legal assistant’s time in translating during phone calls and meetings.

No, and the reason is simple: neither the firm nor Attorney Odrcic can control other people’s decisions. Sometimes USCIS, immigration judges, or consular officers make unfair or bad decisions. In other cases, it may be that the client simply has too many bad facts.

It is unethical and wrong for an attorney to promise a favorable result.

While Attorney Odrcic cannot guarantee a victory, he can guarantee that he will work hard, creatively, and passionately on your case.

Whether an immigrant or U.S. citizen, an individual who has committed a crime should be punished. However, in many cases the punishment of being  deported for a criminal conviction goes too far. It is one thing to have someone serve some jail time for a conviction. It is quite another thing for that person’s conviction to result in a life-time banishment, the loss of a career, and severe financial and emotional hardship to them and their family members. A U.S. citizen child should not necessarily be deprived of a parent because of an old conviction.

Human beings make mistakes. If they have shown remorse and rehabilitation, they do not deserve to be separated from their family members. One of the slogans at the firm is that “A Criminal Past Should Not Prevent An Immigration Future.” This is why we represent immigrants with criminal convictions.


Our Clients Say

These testimonials reflect the satisfaction and appreciation our clients have for the quality and effectiveness of our legal services.

    Hariom Patel

    I would recommend Attorney Davorine. He is great at immigration practice and his fees are reasonable compared to a different attorney. He knows what needs to be done in time. He always shares what has been submitted to Immigration via email. That is the thing that differentiates from another attorney. He is always available for help. We have seen many different attorneys across my dad's case but to be honest, his work is great and I would suggest him for hiring immigrantion needs. He helped my dad's immigration court case removed court and also helped my mom case get Military PIP in time and helped her adjust her status in the U.S. Thank you for your work. Great Job.

      Andrea Leep

      Dav and everyone we interacted with at his office were amazing! During Covid of course, my husband and I realized we had a very urgent, complicated and stressful case and we knew nothing about what we needed to do or how the process worked. Within 5 minutes on our first zoom call with Dav we were SO happy he was our attorney. He took his time to explain the process and everything that was so confusing to us in ways we could understand and calm our nerves. The fact that he has a sense of humor helped us so much in and of itself. He was totally upfront about our chances and what may be issues for our case and how he would plan to go forward and why.

        Solo Ouedraogo

        Dav and his team were great to work with. He helped us through a lengthy process (immigrating during COVID!) and helped put our minds at ease throughout this stressful time. We will continue to work with Dav for future immigration needs. We highly recommend his services. Thanks a lot, Dav!

          Josue Reyes

          I can't express my gratitude to Davorin Odrcic who helped me with this process and the way he handled. Davorin Odrcic is very knowledgeable about immigration law and he is always there for you to answer any questions you might have. Thanks to him I can now visit my family in Mexico and come back legally to the USA. Thank you for your time and dedication in my case, God bless you and your family as well 🙏

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